Course: Course Open
Buggies: Yes
Trolleys: Yes


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Local Rules

  1. Out of bounds

    – A ball played beyond any boundary hedge,fence, woods or white marker posts is out of bounds (Penalty – stroke and distance – Rule 27.1)

  2. Water Hazards

    -All ditches and ponds are water hazards defined by either red or yellow hazard posts. (Penalty – one stroke – Rule 26)

  3. Immovable Obstructions

    -A free drop (1 club length) may be taken from any road or path, all course furniture (benches, signs, ball cleaners etc.), sprinkler heads, control boxes,and any other green keeping equipment.

  4. Movable Obstructions

    -Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions and may be removed without penalty (Rule 24.1).

  5. Ground Under Repair

    -A free drop (1 club length) must be taken from all reas marked GUR (Ground Under Repair) and from tracks made by mechanical equipment, hoof marks or holes made by burrowing animals.

  6. Staked & Banded Trees

    -A free drop (1 club length) must be taken from all staked and banded trees when they interfere with your swing or stance.

  7. Check Notice Board

    – For any alterations to these local rules including winter rules check the notice board. Rules of golf as defined by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews shall apply.